Network Monitor Parsers for Lync 2010

22 06 2011

Microsoft have released Network Monitor Parsers for Lync download.

You can download Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 here.

Parser filters from codeplex to get the Lync parsers to install, download.

Get started with netmon:


Microsoft Office Communications Server and Communicator 2007 R2 Update 06/2011

22 06 2011

Note: It is important to install the update to the Backend Database role first!

OCS 2007 R2 Server Updates – KB 968802 Download

Communicator Client Update – KB 2549042 Download

Group chat Server – KB 2549044 Download

Group Chat Client – KB 2549043 Download

Mindmap Lync 2010 PowerShell Commandlets

22 06 2011

Lync 2010 PowerShell Commandlets by Verb.

Lync 2010 PowerShell Commandlets by Category.

New Microsoft RoundTable Firmware Update

22 06 2011

Download here.
Replacement for the last Update from 12/2007.

This hotfix package fixes the following issues:
945609 A RoundTable device may unexpectedly stop processing audio
945610 The power frequency of the VDSP is not reported in a RoundTable log file
945611 The firmware on a RoundTable device may incorrectly resolve an error code when the image on the RoundTable device is updated
945619 Exception when you perform stress test by using Microsoft RoundTable
945664 A computer may not recognize Microsoft RoundTable
945665 The firmware in Microsoft RoundTable may not correctly wake up the base when you plug in a USB dial pad
945666 Video may flicker when you use Microsoft RoundTable
945667 When you restart Microsoft RoundTable after you perform an Enterprise Image Update, the computer may not restart correctly
945668 The time setting in Microsoft RoundTable is incorrect
945670 An entry is deleted when you release the Delete button instead of when you press the Delete button on the Microsoft RoundTable firmware device
945671 Microsoft RoundTable does not clear previously-entered digits when you select a telephone number from the speed dial list
945672 When you use Microsoft RoundTable to record multichannel audio, the audio file has lots of echo
942334 Description of the Microsoft RoundTable firmware hotfix package: September 14, 2007

The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Lync Server 2010

4 06 2011

Click for download

A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Prepared For Microsoft. V.8 March 2011